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International Youth Convention - Orlando, FL

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Every two years, the Church of God holds an International Youth Convention. In 2010, Orlando, Florida played host to the event. We (Creative Juices Video) were onsite for 7 days. Our crew was all around the greater convention center area gathering footage of everything that happened. We then created a short highlights reel to playback each day that showed the previous day's events, a longer reel that played on the last day tying it all together, and then an extended DVD version after the event that was authored onto DVDs and mailed to every attendee.

This is the daily reel that played on one of the days, as a recap of the day before. Toward the end of this particular day's events there was an outdoor concert. The students filed out en massé and walked as a group around to the back of the convention center for a special late-night venue. Our entire crew was running from place to place around the center — from the top of hotel buildings, to overpasses, to parking lots to capture all the action from multiple angles as it progressed. It was challenging, but a lot of fun!


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