Shoot and Edit Projects

Shoot-to-edit projects consist of two distinct phases. First we will write, produce, and film whatever footage you need. Then we will spend time editing, refining, and enhancing that footage for eventual delivery to your target audience, either via broadcast, the internet, or delivery on some type of media, such as DVD. Some examples would include:

A training video for your employees.

A commercial for local cable.

Interest spots for your website, Facebook page, etc.

An advertising DVD to be handed out or direct-mailed to the public.

A pre-produced piece to be played for your audience at a special event.

A video piece to roll on a kiosk at a trade-show.

A highlights compilation of a convention or other event.

And the possibilities go on.

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Whatever your needs, Creative Juices Video can work with you on any and all phases of the project, from brainstorming the concept to writing the script, finding actors, locating stock footage, creating graphics, correcting and digitally enhancing your footage/audio, designing the packaging and artwork, and mass producing your product.

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Seeds of Success
Emerging Leaders Promo
Change This World Training
Providence Music Video
Cooking Show

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